A Top 5 List of Texas Music That Is More Than 5

I love music, always have. I will make this short (lol, it's kind of short). Heading into spring always does something to me and I start feeling very Texan and very hill country. So here are MY personal top 5(ish) "feelin'" Texan songs/artists that are personal feels.  Maybe you share them. Maybe you've never heard of 'em. But here they are! Share yours if they fit in the categories! 

Memories of being 20 something in Austin. Many stories I could tell of the rise of Shakey, but I won't go into it. Some stories are mine, some are other's stories to tell. Nonetheless, it's a very Texas feel. Maybe you know of Shakey Graves now, and never dove into his earlier days. To me, he is a reminder of my free feeling early 20 something days.

Okay okay... one story I HAVE to share is seeing him at Hole In The Wall In Austin off Guadalupe on the drag. Had to have been like 2011 or 2012, I'm not sure. Every single person I knew was there, and my older sister who made me fall in love with Austin and her fiance were there. EVERYONE was there. It was one of his last low key shows in the sense that it was just a small bar. It was packed. People were standing on barrels to see the show. My sister told me that she and her fiance both fell in love with Alejandro! We laughed because you can't NOT love the guy with a cowboy hat and little kick drum on stage. So...here's the early Shakey Graves bit. To this day it's still my favorite. 

Being on the boat on Lake Buchanan as a child. Stevie is a must, but of all the classic rock... it's just the beginning for that lake life. If you know, you know. Not a fancy video here  it is just the song. 

A born Texan, Townes hits me right in the feels. Right in the guts. This video in particular is so beautiful and to me is the essence of the south. Fight me on it if you want. I saved it for the middle because this song is heavy in all the right and wrong ways, and the video is very special for the time it was recorded.

This next guy, is from my hometown in south Texas. He's now a Nashville face, but this is an early recording. I also have a fun story with him.

It starts with a bar in San Marcos that no longer exists. I was college and was saved from choking from stage fright during karaoke, his friend jumped on stage to save me, us realizing we are from the same town, going out to the woods, maybe some grass and tequila was involved, maybe lots of dogs and chickens and a random hiking trail. The next morning... Micheladas...when I was too young to know what that was but I gave it the good college try. Loved it in case you're wondering. His style has changed a bit musically and physically, but I'll always adore this song and this time period of self discovery. Check out his new stuff if you love it! This is very old.

I could have sworn I had a fifth Texan artist (I'm really going off the cuff here) and I think it might have been Janis Joplin. We all know her though, right? I will share my favorite Janis at the very end. 

For now, I'm going to mess this list up and share one more old Robert Ellis because it makes me smile.

And now to end... 

I met this guy and his gal in Marfa, TX by chance. Long story short... the only people me and my partner happened to connect with over a campfire at a dive bar (not sure you can call it that when it's kind of the only bar in town) were this random couple. They wanted to share our fire, we obliged and happy to have people WANT to be around us. When we asked where they were from and they said Austin, TX we laughed because OF COURSE they were! They were the most friendly people we'd come across. I had no idea who they were. I asked what they did and they said "we're musicians," I was like cool cool... Everyone's a musician. No idea they were actually like... doing the dang thang. I later learned that Walker is from Georgetown :)  and also heard his band on KUTX while painting my living room 2 days later. I was like damn, I was just chillin' with them two days ago. But anyway... i'm only telling the story because I'm only sharing music that I have something to say about that makes me so proud to be Texan. 

I'm ending it with this one because he is covering Willie Nelson, who is also Texan, and Walker Lukens is from Georgetown where our flagship store is and also where I call home now. 

Stay tuned for a regularly updated Brazos spotify playlist from us! You can currently find the February playlist that is a broad mix on Spotify. Just search "Brazosmarket" on spotify, and hit the February playlist! 

I'll be making playlists of old stuff, new stuff, mixed genres on our Spotify profile. 

The way I make playlists is purely based on seasons and feelings. Music has been a huge influence in my life since day one. Maybe that is a post for later. 

If it jives... that's great. If it doesn't, that's okay too but you might find a gem or two. 

Much love, 



I personally love Me and Bobby McGee. She is from Port Arthur, TX. Her story is really interesting (and sad I wont lie) many of you know all of her songs and her story. I still love to share her because to me, the power in her voice resonates with the power in all of us women. Especially us Brazos Babes. I chose this video because #1 it's kind of one of the only live performance you can find on youtube. #2 It really is a great song. Favorite lyric "You don't know what it's like..." 

She's a rocket. And she lives on through me, and through you. What a wild child. (Also check out the band Wild Child they are from Austin) Wow maybe I should have made this list longer!