Warm Texas nights, a glass of wine, and music passed down for generations, a mom and daughter team shared their dreams of living a life without boundaries. A dream that allowed them to do the things they loved, with the people they loved. Flash forward seven years and five stores later, Brazos Avenue Market became a reality. 

We are a mom and two daughters living our lives in Texas with something more than genes in common. A dream for fashion, a love for junkin', and sharing good times with people who, like us, have an eclectic southern soul. 

Our Texas roots run as deep as the Brazos River runs long and wide.

After over thirty years of holding on to our grandparents restauranteur legacy, Pam decided to fulfill her true dream of owning a boutique. Not knowing what that would look like, she hit the ground running forming what would later be well known and referred to as BAM. 

Pam now has three locations in south Texas where she works alongside her middle daughter, Taryn. Hannah (that's me, Heyyyy), now currently owns two Brazos Market's in central Texas located in Georgetown and Wimberley, just a 30 minute road trip from Austin! 

Our online store and our actual door is open to anyone. Come by at any time! 

Hannah and the Brazos Family